Sri lanka web hosting Service and how to choose the best and cheapest hosting service

You will loose your money and effort if you choose a wrong web hosting service for your website for sure, Period.

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I know you guys search for web hosting Sri Lanka because you have no clue what to buy when it comes to hosting. Believe me I have been there too  and not to read something about it. That’s 100% right but I think it will be helpful for beginners if I can give you some information about it.

You will find thousands of hosting companies on Internet. The truth is small companies buy hosting from big companies and sell with a profit. This is ugly truth about web hosting and other business as well.

I do web designing and search engine optimization for more than 6 years now and trust me sometimes I had really hard time with hosting companies due to their poor service.

What you need to consider when you buy web hosting?

How to choose best web hosting company  (Step by step)

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