I’m Nimantha Dias. I provide SEO training in Sri Lanka. I work as a SEO specialist for 10 years and I have my own digital marketing. Improving websites’ appearance on search engines is my biggest passion.

You can find many Search Engine Optimization courses, professional diploma in digital marketing courses or certificate courses, but can you rank your website at the top of Google with those SEO training? Unfortunately not. SEO success comes with best practices using solid seo techniques and proven SEO strategies for years.  I had many students reach me after having those basic SEO courses in Sri Lanka. Anyone can teach SEO with a little research on Google. Fundamental SEO can help your SEO campaign. But you need solid information to bring your website to the top of Google.

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For whom is this SEO training good for?

Are you searching SEO training in Sri Lanka ? You are in the right place. Any website owner or business owner can use this training to increase visitors and sales of the website. The other biggest advantage is you can make money by offering SEO services after following this SEO course (not selling cheap backlinks, offering real value to the customer). So This course will be a great investment for your SEO career and get a job in internet marketing.

Who is the Instructor of this SEO training?

Look for a SEO training ? Nimantha Dias, a seasoned SEO specialist based in Sri Lanka, boasts a decade of invaluable experience in the dynamic field of search engine optimization. Dedicated to enhancing online visibility and driving targeted traffic, Nimantha is committed to elevating businesses through quality and trusted SEO services. His primary goal is to secure top rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, ultimately resulting in increased business opportunities and higher conversion rates.

Recognizing the pivotal role of well-designed websites in converting visitors into buyers, Nimantha offers comprehensive SEO services that extend beyond mere optimization. From on-page SEO and technical SEO to local SEO, he employs a holistic approach to cater to diverse business needs. Nimantha’s expertise extends to providing free SEO reports for websites, allowing clients to understand their current standing and potential areas for improvement.

What type of results can you expect by doing this SEO Course?

I’m not just an SEO teacher. I make my living by doing search engine optimization for my clients and my projects. I’m proud to say I have enough experience in SEO, and I have seen what brings your website to the top of Google, but no matter what I teach you, you need to put the knowledge to practice, and I’m pretty sure you will get same great results as I get.

How do we do the SEO training?

This training is only available online. We use Google Hangouts or Skype and are currently only available for 1-1 SEO training sessions.

Some of my recent SEO clients’ entire campaign results.

seo course results

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What is the refund policy for this training course?

There is NO REFUND. Therefore, buy this course if you are truly interested in learning SEO.

I challenge you to take this SEO quiz and make 51% answers correct.

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What is SEO ?

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What is an organic result?

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Website structure matters when it comes to ranking websites on Google.

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What is Domain authority ?

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Your website has SPAM links. What do you do ?

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Reputable site is?

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Someone said that he need crazy big budget if you want to do SEO in "credit cards" niche.

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What is a Googlebot?

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Which URL is SEO-friendly?

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