Best price web designing in Sri Lanka you can find

Today you will find may web design in Sri Lanka even for cheaper price but you need to understand what a real website can do for your business. Many clients reached me because they made their website and had not any success with a website and did not get any business from it.

”You Do Not Need Just A Web Design. You Need A Web Design

That Brings You More Business

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What You Will Get With My Web Designing Service ?


Name of your website called your website Domain name. I help to pick right domain name for your website. Because it’s really important. It is like the foundation of your of a house.


Yes of cause I program  your website that load very fast on any device and easy to access for anyone around the world from any device..


You need web hosting because you need to keep your website files in a server which is 24/7 online. So If you have a bad web hosting your website not going to be 24/7 online. I will make sure my web hosting will be up and running all the time.


I have seen most of people in Sri Lanka have no idea about how their business logo is important. So they come with really simple logo and most of the time they come with their business name print in basic font. So I have decided to design their web site including their logo as well.



Website content is really important. Few of my clients came with website content just copied from other websites which is going to be a total disaster :D. So do not worry about it. I do content writing for your website as well.


How long I need to finish the website

This is one of the common questions I get from business owners. Actually it depends on size of your web project. Because some people only want to have a 5, 6 page website for their business. For a project like that I get 2 weeks maximum to finish the project.

I have content for my website. Do I write content again ?

If you have content that is great but I want to see the content whether it is unique. Also I have to make it search engines friendly. Because main factors of SEO is content. Yes that is why people say content is the king still.

Do you make a Responsive website ?

Yes. All the website I make are fully responsive websites since it is one of main factors when it comes to Google ranking now.  So your website will be a professional and nice looking on any device. If you have a question about responsive web designs please contact me through Contact Us page.

Can I update my website by myself?

I use CMS platform to make websites. It’s called WordPress. So if you have little bit computer knowledge I show my clients how they can update content by them self. So you do not have to pay me every time you want to update content of the website but most of the time I do it for free if it is 10 minutes to 15 minutes work.

Do I do Search Engine Optimization with the website too?

Short answer is YES. On-page optimization is one of main ranking factors in SEO but please use my search engine optimization service if you focus more on SEO. This is one the main benefits you get when I make your website. Because most of web designing in Sri Lanka companies do not do it for sure.. That is why you do not get any traffic from Google after making the website.

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