ClickFunnels Review [2019]: My Sales Funnels Journey (with Pictures)

I used one landing page software and also I used little bit WordPress page builders to make my funnels.

And then I go to know about ClickFunnels. I remember I started ClickFunnel trial to test it. Yes I’m like you I would like to test it first.

Actually at that time I didn’t have a big knowledge about sales funnels and I didn’t know what I was doing 🙂

Anyway keep reading. I will tell you everything about ClickFunnels in my ClickFunnels Review. Anyway  If you sell a product online you know how hard it is to convert visitors in to buyers.

That’s where Sales Funnels come to play. So I believe Clickfunnels is the king of Sales funnels. So I thought I should give my Clickfunnels Review since I use it since quite a while now.

What Is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is an online tool used for selling and purchasing products through online sales funnels. ClickFunnels was started back in 2014 by Russell Brunson and his group. Since that time, Click Funnels has been transformed into a $100 million per year business, and they merely traversed 65,000 dynamic individuals as of August 2018. It is a product for building deals channels with a pack of included fancy odds and ends. To start with, sales funnels are well designed to follow up sequence and offers made to maximize the profits of a buyer who visits your site. In the past, one was required to acquire a website, hosting, designer’s programmers and so forth, to sell one product without guaranteed traffic and sales.

Who is the CEO of ClickFunnels?

Russell Brunson is the CEO and Co-founder of ClickFunnels. He is a master in marketing and the best funnel hacker in the world. He is married, with five children. Together with Todd Dickerson, they invented a platform which revolutionized sales and marketing online. He has turned very many business people into millionaires through ClickFunnels. He started entrepreneurial action very early as a kid. He used TV and Radio commercials to get information, and that is where he began shaping his sales and marketing skills. He used to collect used-unwanted mails since the age of 12.

He started with selling DVDs as a hobby which later grew into an obsession and catapulted him into the internet marketing business. The challenges he faced as an online marketer was to determine the place where he would start his ClickFunnels software. Right now, the ClickFunnels business is one of the fastest growing software companies worldwide. He has also published and sold hundreds of thousands of his marketing books. He owns an exclusive club with more than 200 millionaires who have benefited from his ideas and software platform. He is not only an author but also a YouTube TV host, a podcast host, a collegiate wrestling champion.

Russell gives back to the community by extending a helping hand to non-profit making organizations like the World Teacher Aide.

Important Features of the ClickFunnels

Autoresponder e-mail

This feature allows the one on one contact with a buyer when they visit your products page and gives you an opportunity to build them to be potential buyers. It becomes more comfortable for a customer to use the site again as they are guaranteed of originality. It is also a way of reaching to them after the sales for a feedback response.

Different types of funnels
ClickFunnels allows the marketer to design the best funnel or process that they need and that suits their product design. It also supports various levels of the marketer’s product. For example, product launch funnel gives the marketer an opportunity to maneuver from one field to another or product upgrade to meet consumer needs. Other funnels include

a.Auto-webinar funnels
b.Webinar funnels.
c.Video sales letter funnels.
d. 2- step tripwire funnel.
e.Cancellation funne

The funnels templates also have more other models that will help you specify your products better and more precise.

Sales trend analysis
This template allows the marketer to be able to follow up on the progress of their products. Click funnels makes it easier to track the trends of other products and thus you may be able to best suit your product. This is through a one-click button after your product has been in the market for a while.

Customizable templates
A marketer has the power to choose and design a product in the way they want it to appear in the market. Thus, the ClickFunnel software gives the operator a chance to customize the templates, for instance, the color, the fonts, and the appearance. For example, the placing of pricing buttons, and also the inclusion of pictures videos to enhance your products.

Social media integration
Elements such as Facebook comments, FAQ segments, and custom HTML are added advantages when it comes to sharing your products to the other social media platforms to pull easier and faster traffic for ideal marketing. ClickFunnel also has these features as buttons to enhance its usability.

Tracking of Visitor’s activities
Businesses can track the movements of potential buyers on the site and generate various consumer engagement systems. Also, customers can receive campaigns from product marketers through email, text messages, or direct mail. Other features also include shopping carts to enable the buyer to purchase the products with ease.

The affiliate program
This program supports users of ClickFunnels by awarding them commission on any products bought and or referrals (40% commission) the buyer makes. Once you directly purchase a product or take the free 14 days trial, you are guaranteed of bonuses and commission rights.

ClickFunnels Is legit
It is not a scam. It is used by over 54000 businesses (as at 2017) to run their day to day businesses and activities. It is easier to use and offers a wide range of platforms such as building sales funnels, landing pages, product and service funnels, webinars, and membership sites.

Customer sales funnel
A buyer has to go through some processes right from awareness of the product to the time of purchase and satisfaction. It is divided into seven steps that differ with particular sales model they include:

a. Awareness Phase- This is a situation where the buyer becomes aware of the existence of a solution.
b. Interest Phase – the purchaser demonstrates an interest in a product by
conducting product research.
c.Evaluation Phase – The prospect companies examine competitors’ solutions as they move towards the final stage of buying.
d.Decision Phase the buyer reaches a final decision, and the process of
negotiations commences.
e. Purchase Phase – the goods are purchased.
f. Re-evaluation Phase- As the customer gets familiar with the new product in the market or offering, they go through a reevaluation stage where they decide if they will renew their contracts or not. Whether to be loyal or not.
g. Repurchase Phase – the consumer, has the power to repurchase a product or a service in this stage of the final process.

The ClickFunnels has well-designed criteria of the purchase funnel that help the marketer gain more customers and their loyalty.

How to create a sales funnel.
For a new marketer willing to sell and promote their products by using
ClickFunnels, the process is straightforward and elaborate. You do not need tohire a designer or a programmer. These steps include:

Step 1: Identify Your Prospects
When you want to qualify purchases into potential buyers, you have to understand the problems the consumer has and thus provide the solution. Then define your ideal consumer needs according to their diversities.

Step 2: Qualify Your Prospects
This can be done by conducting surveys and polls or create a product that is suitable for your consumer needs. Not every customer qualifies as an ideal consumer; thus the marketer will need to understand their prospects keenly.

Step 3: Apply Sales Funnel Fundamentals
There other means of product sales that one needs to apply so that they can entice their customers to purchase the products. For instance, one can use a social media platform to advertise their products and get the consumers attention. Marketers can also do market segmentation and product positioning so that their products are noticed in the market.

Step 4: Establish Your Sales Funnel
In this stage, the consumer must have your trust so that they can purchase your products. Thus the marketer has to start with a lower costing product. It is recommendable you use a backward plan for the sales process.
a. Flagship product
b. Mid-range product
c. Introduction of product
d. Free informational piece (teaser)
e. E-mail opt-in campaign
f. Blog conversation
g. Social media interaction
Offline, it might look like this:
h.Premium product purchase
i. Discount offer or one-item purchase.
j.First time in store/window shopper
k. Receives monthly brochure
l. Gets on mailing list
m. Checks out website
n. Meet at a networking event

What is important is to identify what your customer wants and satisfy them.

Upsell and downsell step
These are steps that allow a marketer to sell other products to customers directly, without requiring them to reenter their card information. These products can be added to your downsell and upsell page with one click. Such additional products demonstrate the capacity of a marketer.

How to create an upsell and downsell
Step 1: Add an Upsell / Downsell Page to Your Funnel

· In your funnel, click on Add New Step.
· Add the Name of your funnel step.
· Add a Path for this funnel step. ( this step is optional)
· From within your funnel, click on Add New Step.
· Add the Name of your funnel step.
· Add a Path for this funnel step. (optional)
· Make sure that Show in Funnel, is set to Yes.
· Click Create Funnel Step.
· Select the Sales category and click on One Click Upsell or One Click Downsell to view the available page templates. [This step is required].
· Move the Upsell or Downsell after your order page. [Required]

The ClickFunnels dashboard

This dashboard is easy to use access as it has simple icons that will lead you directly to different landing pages according to the user preferences. This feature makes this software to be more advantageous than other products in the market. For instance, all your account information, affiliate tools or training is listed on the left side while statistics on the left.

What are alternatives to ClickFunnels?

Ideally, ClickFunnels has competitors that are even better but in one way or another not as suitable as ClickFunnels. According to the group of independent experts, it rates at 9.1/10 in the scoreboard and an average satisfaction rating of 97% from the customers. This shows that the program is well established and ready to compete in international markets. Other programs are rated higher than ClickFunnel. For example, Hubspot sales with a score of 9.8 and user satisfaction of 98%. Fresh sales also stroll behind with a rating of 9.7 and user satisfaction of 95%. NetSuite ERP, on the other hand, scores 9.6 and buyer satisfaction of 100%. This shows that this program is not severely off as compared to other products and it offers stiff competition in its low-priced products and efficiency.

How to use ClickFunnels to make money online

Selling or Marketing your products. By selling your products through creating different funnels, one makes money online quickly. It can be done in various ways. They include; creating webinars where the products will be pitched in the presence of many customers online. Secondly, membership sites can also be used by creating continuity programs whereby one earns some passive income. The third and the most common one is by e-commerce whereby one markets and sells their
products online. Lastly, it is through information products.

Earning money through affiliates can also help in making money. Many people may opt to sell ClickFunnels themselves instead of creating their brand or products and selling them.

Establishing yourself as a funnel builder can also make you money. This will be in collaboration with ClickFunnels’ partners. You will merely be charging people to build them great funnels.

Pricing of Sales Funnels
This might be contrary to what many usually think of customer paying them after them offering services to them. In this one, you need to ask yourself what the customer is giving you instead. It is all about your pricing revolving around what you need from the market instead of what the market will offer you.

If you think your business should give you $100,000 annually, you should know if you should charge $4,000 to your 25 customers or $5,000 to your 20 customers. You might even decide that you have a $1000 turnkey funnel that you will sell to your 100 customers every year.

This strategy gives one an upper hand over their competitors because as they are charging per unit, you, first of all, went ahead to look for what you need from your business and made smart decisions on pricing.

From there now you go a step further to decide what you will personally get from this. We might decide on the price of $5,000 and say that you choose to take half of it. The 50% of $5,000 which is 2,500 will be for you. You are paying yourself for the time dedicated to the project and also the investment. The remaining $2,500 will be shared amongst tax, costs, and profit.

30% of the 2,500 should go to Costs and Overheads. This includes the values of the project, including the amount used for hiring someone to work on the project. This means that the amount allocated to this will be 1,500.

15% will be assigned to tax. Although taxes vary from country to country, it is a good number though it might adjust. The amount that has been planned for taxes now becomes $750.

Last but not least, our final allocation for our budget goes to profits which are 5%. The amount, in this case, is $250. This means that every single cent of the $250 can never be plowed back to the project. This acts as a determiner and forecasts plans.

Owners Salary $2,500
Costs and Overheads $1,500
Tax $750
Profits $250
Total $5,000

This might be a slightly different method but a more effective one. You are asking yourself about what you need from the market first before deciding on what to offer to the market. This will merely be arrived at when you ask yourself what you want to get in the year and they allocate the budget accordingly.

Why people might not go for ClickFunnels

The cheapest plan goes for $97a month; whereby you can only open not more than 20 funnels and 100 pages. On top of that, it is limited to 20,000 visitors. It is also limited to the inbuilt-emails and Backpack, which enables you to create and generate the affiliate programs. For one to get and enjoy these services, you will have to part away with a sum of $247 every month. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the yearly plan which offers a discount of about 2-3 months.
Learning curve is slightly high. This is because the ClickFunnels can overwhelm some people since they have been designed in a way that they take care of the user needs without making them struggle as much. Once one makes use of them, they become more comfortable and easier when it comes to usage. The ClickFunnels usually are used by online marketers, web designers, affiliate marketers, business people and entrepreneurs, and any other person in need of their company growth.

Five mistakes being made by Sales
Funnels businesses
Being inbound and not closing the sale. When someone is not pushy in sales might be a neat way of marketing since there is no rejection by customers. This might only be for the fun of it since you are not making any sales. People are just there to listen to you without being provoked to buy. It might be a dangerous way of marketing since in this business, sales matters.

They are too private. We should not keep our funnel business quiet since we need people to take the places of those who have pulled off during each stage. People can be reached via the creation of landing pages, the creation of ads and tweets and lastly creating pages to empower people.

They have only one idea in every funnel segment. This is becoming a problem since people are only dwelling with limited choices. When they are no longer viable, they will again start from square one. Even in the past, people could create one promotional campaign and have it running for a very long time. In a moment where the campaign ceased from being helpful to them, they got nothing from there. The act of having only one plan is messing people nowadays. It is good to have some ideas, all well-choreographed and ready to change when the time comes calling.

They are not getting enough backing in your funnel. In business, one needs people behind them. It is essential to drive traffic into your social media platforms and always create good videos and messages that will make them keep bringing friends. However, they will not be useful unless they will be buying. All this work will be done where the costs of doing it will either be minimum or none.

Too many steps to be followed in your funnel. Many people do not like details. They love being straight and to the point. When a funnel is designed in a way that you will find very many steps to be followed for a particular step to be achieved, it will be tough for many people to go through all the steps. This, in turn, leaves a funnel with no traffic since many people will not bother themselves going through some many complicated steps.

ClickFunnels in the community
As we all know, the internet community has increased over time. This has led to the emergence of many people interacting via social media. The most common ones being Facebook and Twitter. Facebook being the commonly used due to its simplicity, it has led to its occasional upgrades even to suit today’s sales and marketing people. As you may already know, it is a platform where many socialize, and selling might not be as familiar. Some take the risk though, and many of them have ended up not meeting their Return on Investment(ROI). In all these frustrations, the problem is not with Facebook; the problem is with those marketing and selling.

The buying cycle dates back long ago. It has always followed a sequence of looking for a solution to a particular problem, then recognizing the opportunities present, then followed by discovering the alternatives available, where one compares the solutions before making a decision. When one is in the stage of recognizing opportunities, they have not even gotten close to making any purchase. For those not ready to buy on Facebook, there is still a way of making them buy the products. You only need to create a Facebook sales Funnel.

Step 1 – Segment content creation
This is where you need different forms of content with you. This is including blog posts and videos. You will need to have many of them to target your broad customer base in different stages. They are said to be in your funnel immediately they get exposed to the content.
Step 2 – Keep pushing and promoting the content to your upcoming audience
Those who have been exposed to the content and at least expressed some interest should be monitored closely. The reason for this is to find out which form of material is more preferred.
Step 3 – Target those audiences who look like your real audiences
Step 4 – Promote the content that is doing the best
At this point, the buyers already have a glimpse and maybe more of what you have and might even be in the mood of making a purchase.
Step 5 – Effective Remarketing
This will be for your cold audience to be brought closer to the product.
Step 6 – Facebook Pixel
You create a pixel, you add it to your website code, bring the visitors bask to make a purchase.
Step 7 – Using a video to remarket
Step 8 – Remarketing again
This is where you will be doing some conversions. Convincing those who did not convert might be hard since they do not know where to stand. They are the primary target.
Step 9 – Warming up your leads even more
Bringing those who are not yet sure still. The creation of ads might do this.
Step 10 – Selling hard
This is where you approach those who went almost every step with you but missed the last one. You might get them with an ad or a video still encouraging them and thanking them. After this is where you will now mention the products that you would recommend them to buy. At this point, they already know about your brands, and they are even ready to buy them.

Advantages of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is very flexible. This means that changes can be made easily with minimum or no difficulties. One can edit some information previously fed about their products and also make room for more as their business keeps on growing. It allows users to integrate other applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in their companies.

Easyto make funnels, for instance, sales funnels, using the ClickFunnels. It is, and it takes a short time for one to make the funnels according to their business or preference. Previously, it required one to hire a technology assistant to create and manage the websites.

A beginner can use ClickFunnels.
It comes with templates. Very many templates are provided that come with a professional touch. These templates help users while making funnels.

ClickFunnels are SSL certified. This enables secure connections from a web server to a browser and also activates the https protocol.

ClickFunnels have 14-day trials. This will make users to familiarize themselves with the app before deciding on whether to use or forego it. It is free for the first two weeks.

You can integrate primary email and payment services like PayPal only with ClickFunnels. This is because ClickFunnels have quick autoresponders; therefore, one can even receive emails automatically. When you want to send emails, your SMTP service has to be integrated into a ClickFunnels account
· Press add email.
· Key in your name.
· Fill in the subject.
· Choose the SMTP configuration.
· You can fill or opt not to fill the number sending to only active members.
· Choose a factor to trigger mails.
· Move down, and press create an email. Adding a text
· Press on add new text.
· The Twilio Integration
· Choose Condition.
· Type in the text.
· Fill in the delay days.
· Fill in the delay hours.
· Press on create text.

How to integrate PayPal with ClickFunnels
Step 1: Create PayPal Client ID and Secret Key
• Log in to your PayPal account.
• Go to PayPal Developer Applications.
• Scroll down to Rest API apps and click the “Create App” button.
• Enter an App Name.
• Click “Create App.”
• Click on the “Live” tab to view the live API Credentials.
• Scroll down and click “Show” under Secret.
Step 2: Integrate with ClickFunnels
• Go to your Account Settings and click on “Payment Gateways.”
• Click “Add New Payment Gateway.”
• Click “PayPal V2.”
• Copy and Paste the Client ID from PayPal.
• Copy and paste the Secret ID from PayPal.
• Click on “Create PayPal V2 Account.”

There are always new developments and features being in the ClickFunnels. This means that ClickFunnels accommodates a changing technological business environment. The changes will make the products and the companies continue remaining relevant in the market.

There are no distractions when using ClickFunnels. Unlike other websites where you always see advertisements and pop-up window at the corner of your page, ClickFunnels does not give room for such distractions. It is spotless, and one will only view what they require at that time without any other funny pop-up windows.

Trends in ClickFunnels
As time goes by, the presence of technological advances and the changing economic world, there has been the need to change and alter the funnels a bit to suit the needs of consumers. Sales funnel hackers also take the program to another level. This will help stop wasting time when dealing with one product without realistic solutions.

The following tools can affect your funnel and increasing customer conversions.
· Ninja chrome extensions
This mostly applies to chrome application where thousands of users make decisions without having left the page. Such extensions include:
ColorZilla- color picking tools used to get
rid of unwanted colors and paste new ones from a different website to make your funnel look attractive.
Ghostery- this extension helps in identifying those people who are tracking the funnels and collecting your data.
In the current world, there have been experiences of cyber-attack and phishing scams; thus anyone wants to be safe and protected. Therefore you control permissions to such frauds.
Mozbar- tools such as Moz’s SEO toolbar
allows you to understand how authoritative a site can be at a glance. This will help you know how competitive you are in the same field

· Custom HTML and CSS
This tool will help customize your funnel further. It also includes custom design and particular benefits may be:
a. Making size easier for search engines to integrate.
b. Improves browser experience especially by mobile users.
· Heat mapping and visitor recording
· Copy-writing scripts that convert
· High converting elements
In a nutshell, ClickFunnels is a program like no other when it comes to promoting the brand, and growing of own label in big markets. However, there are some of the characteristics that remains a critique. For instance, its products are quite pricey, and many single entity businesses cannot afford, and thus all this is held up by big companies. Which programming you run with relies upon your necessities and the measure of work you are happy to put resources into your business. A large number of individuals are moving independent items, they cannot say they will invest the exertion required to make a high changing over deals channel. ClickFunnels may be needless excess for you. You can gather leads or move your front finished result all the more efficiently utilizing elective administrations. In any
case, if expanding the normal lifetime estimation of your clients is vital to you, truly give ClickFunnels a trial.

ClickFunnel proofs to be a distinct program in creating superb sales leads which eventually become potential consumers. It not only acts as a one-way marketing tool but a diversified gateway to an advertisement of a marketers product to other integrated social sites such as Facebook. If interested you should give a try the 14-day trial program and experience it for better results

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