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What Is George Brown Google Sniper 3 ? Is It a Scam Or Legit, Fake, Complaints ?

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First of all I should say Google Sniper is an Affiliate Marketing course.


Google sniper 3 (Big Fat Happy Update :))

This page is all about Google sniper course. I showed you can still earn money with the old course and still it works. If you scroll down the page you can see old information related to the old course. Gorge Brown launched the Google Sniper 3 which is great. I bought the course and I’m doing well like the old course. Therefore I thought why don’t I give a Google sniper 3 review.

I decided to do the Google Sniper 3 review on this page too. Therefore bear with me I keep old content below this review. Nobody doesn’t like to buy the old Google sniper course when the new Google sniper course is available (old course is not available to buy it anyway).

Please ignore old google sniper reviews and information.

Google Sniper 3.0 Review

Google changed lot of things last few years when it comes to ranking websites. Because of these Google updates everyone said Gorge Brown Google Sniper course is out dated but NOW everything is FULLY UPDATED for Year 2015 and 2016 with version 3. Do you know Google sniper course is No 1 affiliate marketing course in the world ? Yes you heard right.

Get Google Sniper 3 and Earn Money

To be honest I was like you. I was so desperate to earn my first dollar online I tried many products. I spent thousands of dollars for online training and online courses. Then I tried Google sniper 2 years ago. I’m really thankful to George. I earned my first 100 dollars with Google sniper and I still use the system. If I didn’t try the course I’m still wasting my money for useless online courses.

Google Sniper 3 is 10 times better than old other Google sniper versions.

I recommended Google sniper old course before. I helped some people to earn money with it since it was not fully updated. Now I highly recommended Google Sniper 3. Just go and buy and do it. You will see some great results. I’m pretty sure about it. No problem if you have any doubt about it because you can refund your money but you won’t refund your money because it really works.

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............................................................Old google sniper reviews and information..........................................................

What is google sniper 2.0

Everyone is interested in google sniper george brown. There are ton of affiliate marketing teaching programs on the internet. Google sniper is an affiliate marketing teaching program too. What is affiliate marketing anyway ? Wait I will explain it. Imagine you sell someone's product on your website or blog. Every time when a user buys the product from your link you will get a commission from the seller. There are digital products and you can get 75% commission even. That’s the simple explanation.

When you buy google sniper you can access to their members area. There is a big pdf file. That's the manual of the course. There are videos lessons too (which is a great thing). First you need to read the manual with videos. Manual and videos should be go parrel. So this course is a step by step course. It teaches you what you need to do exactly. Therefore it is easy to use and suites for any beginner.


I think now you have a better idea about the course.

Google sniper scam ?

Easiest answer is NO. google sniper is not a scam obviously. Internet marketing and affiliate marketing is a big a race. It has a crazy competition. So some people are trying create a bad picture about it. Some people say george brown scam even (funny). Why ? Because they create same affiliate marketing products and they try to put other popular products down. Ring any bells ? And some people, I would like to call them as "unlucky people" because they can buy the course and they have a great learning course to make money on internet but they don't follow it. They expect a miracle. They expect moeny to come their bank accounts without doing anything (Yes I know it's stupid).


Why I'm this much confident about google sniper ? Because I used george brown 's google sniper. I will share my real and honest experience later.

Google sniper complaints

I will come to the point straightly. You are going to see zero results if you only study course. You have to take an action. If someone is complaining, he/she has not read the manual or she/he has not created any sniper websites. That's what I realized when I help my friends on how to make money on the internet 2014 with google sniper.

To be honest we didn't need any back links when this course launched at the first time. It's difficult to earn money along with sniper site. Because you need to do few more easy steps. So some people complain about that too. But you can earn money with google sniper with few more easy steps for SURE (I will share them with you later).

Who is George brown anyway?

We really don't care who made it if we have good legit online teaching course. But I will tell little bit about him. He is from United Kingdom. He started internet marketing when he was around 17. He is couple of times best seller Click bank. With this course he teaches his strategies without hiding important parts like other internet marketing gurus.

Google sniper 2.0 review

Seems like people look for Google sniper 2.0 review. I thought why don't I add my own sniper experiences with it and do a honest review about it. There are thousands of reviews out there. Most of them have not bought the course even (that's the ugly truth) but they all rewrite reviews by reading other people's reviews. Yeah I know it is disgusting.

I bought the course on 2013 and today is 2014.09. 21 but I still earning money from my sniper sites. Some sites are not earning that much but some of them are earning really good.

First of all I'm a web designer but I really wanted to earn money online with affiliate marketing. You have to struggle big time when it comes to internet marketing or affiliate marketing. I was the same, just like you. Because there are lot of junk out there and you don't know who is selling the right thing. But I was shocked and really happy when I see my results from google sniper.

I did my first sniper site and I was waiting to see some good results in my Click Bank account. To be honest I was disappointed because I was waiting for a week but I didn't see any sales but one night I logged in to my click bank account and then I saw two sales. I remember that moment, I was like crazy. I couldn't believe my eyes. Those were my first two sales in my life. I followed the course but I didn't read the manual properly. That was my mistake. Because I couldn't wait to build my first site but guys if you want to buy george brown 's google sniper 2.0 read the entire pdf manual file without skipping some pages.

I will tell you the truth. In my affiliate marketing journey I made my first sale with google sniper. To be honest I really really respect george brown for that because I have tried more than 50 internet marketing courses. I'm pretty sure that I'm still struggling If I didn't try this course.

People still search google sniper 2.0 scam or google sniper real or fake. Maybe people still curious to buy it. Just go for it guys you won't disappointed for sure.

Google sniper 2014 - What are the extra few steps you should do

Actually these are not few steps. These are few modifications you should do when you build your sniper sites. I pay 47$ for this course so why should I modify it anyway? This is my honest opinion guys. Old days we didn’t have that much competition. Its 2014 competition has gone up.

10 Posts and 10 Youtube videos

You can’t buy such great information for 47$. Trust me guys. It’s a great product to earn your first 100$. George brown says to make 3 to 5 posts (web pages) but I recommend 10 posts for each sniper site and create 10 small videos for each page and upload on Youtube and then embed on related post your sniper site.

Few back links

You need to create few back links to your sniper home page and each page. If you don’t know how to create back links you can check here

Sniper Results

I know you will love to see my sniper results. You can see a picture ( I will do a video later). This is one of my sniper sites. I don't want to put my high earning sniper sites results. This is one of low earning site. I have earned 604.01 $ with this site. I just want to show you this program does work (Sorry picture is not that quality because I had to decreased the size of it).

google sniper click bank earning report c

Stop searching is google sniper a scam or is google sniper legit ?. It is legit and it is not a scam at all. Simply buy the Google sniper course if you really want to know how to make money on the internet 2014. Google changes how to rank website which is call algorithm but people can still earn money with this on 2014 even this course is couple of years old.

One of google sniper complaints is it is old system but they updated the course for 2014 too. I will help you to rank your website if you buy it from here. Why ? Because I will have a commission if you buy it from here.